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Last year was certainly a thrilling ride. We've made major progress: we shipped our low-latency data feeds to over 46 chains, our Decentralized Verifiable Random Function (dVRF) to over 16 chains, and we've also formally verified our novel Moonshot Consensus algorithm by Microsoft's Ivy Checker.

Supra is on track to bring Web3 its first fully vertically integrated Layer-1 "IntraLayer." We are bringing new infrastructure to the market that'll unite the fractured liquidity across multiple chains. Moreover, we've made impressive innovations in terms of our enshrined Dynamic Function Market Maker and our Network Owned Liquidity business model.

Josh Tobkin
CEO & Co-founder

2023 in numbers

4 whitepapers released

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24M raised from top VCs

Over 300 data pairs and counting

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Over 46 mainnets on Supra Oracle Service

active cadets on Blast Off

150% of Public Sale target raised

Leading the charge
with novel research

We dropped four whitepapers in 2023, each with in-depth research about our novel breakthrough solutions for crucial blockchain services.

Moonshot Consensus

The consensus engine of the Supra Network and all protocols and services built on top of it.

Academic acclaim from top research venues

Two Supra whitepapers were submitted, presented, peer reviewed, and published by leading global academic venues for cryptography and distributed systems.

dVRF whitepaper accepted by CCS 2023

presented by Dr Pratyay Mukherjee

DORA whitepaper accepted by ICDCS 2023

presented by Dr Saurabh Joshi

the Supra Time Card

An upcoming breakthrough hardware upgrade for the Supra network. It’ll connect nodes to satellite constellations for unrivaled time-sync precision, making Supra the world’s most precise blockchain.

Supra excels in strategically-driven, product-oriented research that undergoes extensive formal analysis and academic validation. Along with the high-quality research we put out throughout 2023, we have several cutting-edge projects in progress that are poised to elevate both Supra and the broader blockchain industry. Supra Research is undeniably a rising star in the blockchain space.

Dr Aniket Kate
Chief Research Officer

Build across every corner of Web3

Between Supra Oracles and Supra dVRF, we went live across every corner of Web3 — from Move-based chains to EVMs.

Raised $24M from leading Web3 and Web2 investors

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It’s been a challenging year, but our team has been laser-focused on developing breakthrough solutions and building meaningful partnerships to deploy them across every corner of Web3. Over 30 DeFi, gaming, and NFT projects have already tested or integrated Supra Tech. We’re all in on the decentralized future, and the Supra community is excited to take the next leap with IntraLayer in 2024. We can’t wait see it come to life and show you how it transforms the digital world and Web3 as we know it.

Jon Jones
Co-founder & Chief Business Officer

Over 360,000+ Cadets ready to Blast Off

We brought together hundreds of thousands of people from across the world for one epic learn-to-earn community airdrop. We explored new topics and aspects of Web3, with tons of players logging in to learn something new every week.


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The Supra Tribe
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Laser-focused on making Web3 better

In 2023, Supra distinguished itself as a beacon of innovation and collaborative excellence. Our team’s commitment to conscientiousness, teamwork, hustle, and ownership translated into groundbreaking achievements. We empower each individual to hone their unique talent, enhancing their performance and the organization’s overall success. This year was more than a period of growth; it was a demonstration of how values-driven teams can create lasting impact. At Supra, we’re not just building a company; we’re crafting a legacy of excellence and innovation that resonates with the industry at large.

Eleanna Kalaitzi
Chief Operations Officer

Here’s to another year towards true decentralization

Best wishes from Josh and the Supra team