Become a Spartan to join Supra’s growth story and earn exclusive rewards.
It’s all about the passion for decentralization
Supra Spartans are passionate people who tap into their shared conviction for Web3 and blockchain to help people understand the value of decentralization and Supra’s tech.

Anyone from around the world can be a Supra Spartan, from Web3 beginners to crypto natives. Drop an application, let’s connect.
Perks of joining the Spartans
$SUPRA Tokens
Complete bounties to earn $SUPRA token rewards
Supra Merch
Level up to get exclusive Supra swag and merch
Grow and level up as a Spartan
There are four levels among the Supra Spartans, each based on your level of experience, contribution, and credibility in the Supra ecosystem. Your initial title will be decided after 30 days of onboarding.
Pick a bounty and get going
Ranging from in-person events to simple social media activities, there’s a bounty for Spartans of every level and experience.
Growth & Referrals
Social Media
Language Translation
Content Creation
Tech Development
Community Outreach
Event Management
Business Development
We’ve all got a Spartan within
All it takes to be Supra Spartan is initiative, passion, and any skill-set you can bring to the table. No crazy requirements, just simple commitment.
Initiative & Effort
The drive and initiative to make an impact and willingness to put in the effort are key to success as a Supra Spartan.
Pure Passion
The most vital quality to be a Spartan is a passion for blockchain technology. That’s what unites everyone here.
Diverse Skill-set
You don’t need crazy skills or experience to be a Spartan. Technical skills are a plus, but not mandatory.
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